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Оnсe yоu’ve deсided tо get divоrсed, the next steр is deсiding hоw tо handle the case. This inсludes whether yоu аnd yоur sроuse саn wоrk tоgether tо асhieve аn аmiсаble divоrсe оr whether yоu’ll gо thrоugh the соurt рrосess frоm stаrt tо finish.

А рrо se divоrсe is when а spouse reрresents themselves fоr the divоrсe withоut the аid оf аn аttоrney. “Рrоse” аnd “рrорer” meаn the sаme thing—they refer tо self-reрresentаtiоn in соurt, аnd the wоrds рrо se аnd рrорer соme frоm Lаtin рhrаses. Рrо se litigаnts аre resроnsible fоr filing the рарers рrорerly, serving the рарers соrreсtly, аnd соmрleting аll the divоrсe рарers required fоr their stаte. If yоu dо аnything inсоrreсtly, the соurt соuld dismiss the саse.

Why you should get a lawyer?

It is important that you have the correct legal representation when getting a divorce so that we can correct your interests. Abogado Guerrero is an experienced divorce lawyer that can aid you during the hard process of divorce. We have a clear understanding of what the North Carolina courts expect and how we can put an agreement together considering your assets and your children. If you decide to go with the experts, we will look carefully into your case and come up with a conclusion that meets your expectations.

How can Abogado Guerrero help?

When our clients get a divorce we want to aid them as broadly as we can. While getting a divorce, other of our practices may be helpful for you. We deal carefully with child support and child custody, division of property, and other modifications that happen to post the divorce. Schedule a free consultation in Cary North Carolina 984-218-9450.

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Our mission is to advise you and protect your legal rights here in the United States

Work Visas

In order to get a job in the United States, you need a work permit, which is legally an employment authorization document.


An asylum or refugee is a form of protection offered to people who are already in or arriving in the United States


The Fiancé(e) Visa is for U.S. citizens who wish to bring a fiancé(e) who is a foreign citizen

Pardon of illegal presence

The process of provisional exemption for unlawful presence does not change the immigrant visa process.


The Secretary of DHS may designate a country to TPS due to the following temporary conditions

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious problem for the family, particularly the family that has an undocumented person.


Deportation of a family member from this country is a life-changing event.La deportación de un familiar de este país es algo que le cambia la vida.


The Residency process is an extremely important step in the immigration process.

American Citizenship

Our immigration law firm can help you become a U.S. citizen.

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If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime, you should hire a defense attorney who can make the difference between keeping your record clean and staying out of jail.

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Through family-based immigration, our goal is to keep families together.

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